Sirius Integrator



  • The model INT provides a 6 digit LED display counter that is proportional to the time integral of the signal across its input terminals.
    The input signal (voltage/millivolts/milliamps) may, in turn be a scaled analog of some other process variable.
  • If the model INT input voltage signal is obtained from Current Measuring System, then the Integrator counts multiplied by the system scaling constant will be equal to the time integral of bus current (i.e. ampere-hour). In a similar manner, the model INT will integrate any parameter, which can be converted to analog signal, and then applied to the Integrator input terminals. The integral obtained will always have the same dimensions of the original process variable multiplied by time.
  • Model INT is available in two types - Voltage Integrator (Volt Hour) and Current Integrator (Amp Hour).


  • Integrators are used in Chemical industries where high current/voltage analysis are involved. The time integral output is a highly accurate factor with an accuracy of ± 0.2%.
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