Sirius Voltage Isolator



  • Process Voltage Isolators: These products are specifically designed to isolate the higher voltages present on process lines and provides a usable signal for other instrumentation and systems. The SIRIUS SVI can safely isolate voltages up to 1.5kV.
  • Standard Signal Isolators: These products are designed to isolate lower voltages converting the signal to one of a number of forms (Voltage/Current). This allows for noise free transmission through industrial environments and connection to a wide variety of instrument signal inputs.


  • Highly accurate voltage isolators are used in galvanic isolation between the primary circuit (high voltage) and the secondary circuit (output). Siruis SVI provide excellent accuracy and linearity as well as low thermal drift, fast response time, high bandwidth and high immunity to external interference.
  • Used to safely isolate electrochemical process line voltages from test, measurement and control instrumentation and peripheral equipment.
  • Standard Signal Isolators are used in Galvanic isolation of the output signal from the input system that eliminates signal ground loops. The output can be configured either as a high level voltage or as a low level current loop for transmission to remote locations.
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