Automobile charger

For First-Time charging and re-charging of Multiple Voltage Lead-Acid Automotive Batteries:

  • 1. New automotive batteries are normally shipped 'Dry-Charged'.
  • 2. 'Dry-Charged' batteries are those where the plates are charged and the battery shipped without the electrolyte. Such batteries have to
        be filled with electrolyte at site and charged before use, a process called FIRST-TIME CHARGING.
  • 3. 'RE-CHARGING' means restoring charge to a battery that is discharged after normal usage in the vehicle.
  • 4. The IRC provides for both FIRST-TIME CHARGING and RE-CHARGING by supplying constant charging current.
  • 5. The IRC also allows multiple batteries to be FIRST-TIME CHARGED or RE-CHARGED through a battery selector. The IRC provides
         up to four battery voltage selections - e.g. the IRC can provide charging current for a selection between 12V/24V/48V/72V batteries.


  • 1. Front panel LEDs for displaying charger and charging status.
  • 2. LED array to display % charging current.
  • 3. LCD display to display charging voltage, charging current, charge time and Ampere-Hours put back.
  • 4. Potentiometer for setting charging current.
  • 5. Battery Voltage selector switch.
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